12 Qualities of Successful Marketers

12 Qualities of Successful Marketers

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  • We always set a good example – Leaders know that they have to set the bar, which is why a successful marketer gives their all!
  • We are reliable and dependable – Accountability defines a company therefore anyone who wants to be in a leadership position will need to be a pillar of stability!
  • We are consistent in our attitude and actions – Successful people got that way by giving 110% everyday… Not just when things are easy. When times get tough is when your true attributes are developed. There may not be any better way to gain experience than when your back is against the wall. Embrace it – It can empower you and take you to the next level.
  • We are professionally persuasive and pleasantly persistent – the best marketers have a common ingredient… PERSISTENCE! The word “No” should be looked at as a stepping stone and not an end point! A good marketer understands that people have a common reaction to use the word “No” – and that through a pleasant calm tone of voice, a smile, confidence, and a domineering DECISION to succeed those “No’s” often become “Yes”
  • We are always willing to listen and learn – Successful people understand that knowledge is essential for growth. They actively collect helpful information wherever they go!
  • We are highly motivated team members – Championships are won by team working DYNAMICALLY TOGETHER! When people can trust and rely on one another amazing things happen! Remember the Bulls dynasty? Vince Lombardi? Dallas Cowboys? Chicago Blackhawks? The teams worked in unison creating synergy that elevated their games to another level. HELP OTHERS be their best. Pull others up with you on the path to success!
  • We are goal oriented – Those who fail to plan, are actually planning to fail. Goals are KPI’s (key performance indicator) to determine if we are making progress. Who can you get somewhere if you do not have a destination?
  • We are always optimistic – A positive mind is invaluable! Leaders find the silver lining in every situation. They do not waiver, they do not falter from the plan… instead they have faith! They rise up, ensuring they are giving their 110% efforts!
  • We are genuinely enthusiastic – Have you ever been ecstatic? Happy beyond belief? Felt a burning desire create necessary change? Being passionate about a purpose is the fuel that drives fatigue.
  • We know we do more than just sell stuff – The product and/or service is simply a problem solving agent; the real sale comes when your customer decides they appreciate your efforts. A large part of the value in a sales transaction is the relationship that is created. What type of joy did the customer receive during your conversation? Laughs? Discounted rate? Did they get  solution to a problem they have had?
  • We know all the Rewards, Incentives, Bonuses, Contests and Awards available – In life their are intrinsic goals and extrinsic goals. Knowing what pushes you creates a successful marketer. Intrinsic goals are desires you may want to accomplish from within yourself. A good example of an intrinsic goal would be the need to beat your personal records, finish in first place to be the winner, or perform well for to overcome personal doubt. An extrinsic goal would be something outside of yourself such as a monetary reward, receiving a medal, or getting praise from others.
  • WE WANT TO WIN, PREPARE TO WIN, AND EXPECT TO WIN!!! Success marketers are committed, determined individuals who work hard through practice, devotion, and having a plan. Above all they have confidence, use great tools like assuming the sale, advocate teamwork, have a great attitude, great work ethic and appreciate the use of verbal and non-verbal cues.
Free Tips - Assume the Sale - National Marketing Group - We Are Marketing - Confidence

Free Tips – Assume the Sale – National Marketing Group – We Are Marketing – Confidence

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