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From Fortune 500 companies to small independent firms, we provide your company with results. We specialize in consulting, fundraising, as well as sales and marketing

NMG is a locally based company located in Highland Indiana, and we have been in business since 1994. Our company is currently operates in eight different states across ten markets and has built an extensive network ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses. In 2001 we launched our Earning While Learning Program, the non-profit portion of our company. Our Earning While Learning was designed to provide students with real world knowledge and give them the opportunity to apply learned concepts in the workplace. We strive to help students gain skills that will help them grow into professionals focusing on:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Networking

All while working in a safe team environment that provides stability, internship opportunities, tuition assistance, and a sustainable income through our sales and marketing divisions. We are proud to say that our program generated over one million dollars paid out to our student reps in 2012. As our company has continued to grow our goal is to expand our presence in the community and provide more opportunity to our youth.

We focus on providing services to supplement your company’s current customer strategy. NMG is a national company that specializes in consulting, fundraising, as well as sales and marketing. Our integrated solutions combine traditional sales techniques with a digital marketing approach, to attract quality, retainable customers for our clients. Social media marketing allows us to identify and obtain unique customer profiles for our clients; as well as, provide a sustainable, low-cost interactive community with the current customer base of our clients. One of our most fulfilling services allows us to directly tie our clients to local consumers through various fundraising efforts, while promoting community togetherness.