Assume the Sale

Assume the Sale

4 Step Concept – Assuming the Sale

For many of us seasoned Salespeople we have learned that closing deals is tied  to our efforts and skill sets. We have learned that the language we use, both verbal and non-verbal, lay a huge role in getting a “Yes” from our prospect. Personally, I have found that being confident is essential to closing deals. It all starts in our minds… then leads to our perception, then leads to our cognitive motor skills and then out pours inspiring words aimed to highlight our product(s)!

Here are 4 simple steps about effective “Assuming the Sales” techniques ~ ENJOY!

Assuming The Sale

What is it?

Assuming the sale is essentially using confidence paired with assumptive language, to paint the picture for the customer in a way you know they will be buying the product. (BELIEVE) Assume everyone wants and will buy because you know your product is the best.

Why is it important?

Assuming the sale is important because it shows the customer that you believe in what you are selling. It also puts a kind of invisible pressure on the customer because they will not know how to react when you just assume that they will be buying your product. The more you believe in your product the more your customer will believe.

How do I to use it?

The best way to assume the sale is by using assumptive phrases such as, “I just know that you will love the paper! All of the neighbors love it!”, “I’m just out here with the Herald News, I know you are familiar with it and I’m sure you’ll love it!”. Always be portraying confidence to the buyer!!!. Believe in what your saying and doing. Use assumptive Phrases and pull out smiles, ink pen, order forms, and nod head. This simple technique will allow a rep to write an extra 5-10 orders per week.

What happens if you don’t?

Assuming the sale is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to grow your production and attitude. Without this tool, a rep is simply not reaching his production potential. If you don’t assume you will lose confidence, positive momentum, and SALES!!!!!