Event Engagement

Six Tips to Maximize ROI During your Next Event

At NMG, we approach event marketing as a great way to meet new friends, create followers, connect a brand with real life people! Over the last 20 years we have staffed over 1,000 events which all consisted of interacting with people, gathering data, selling products/services, and helping each business stand out in a unique professional way. We help people create memorable moments with the brands we promote! Enjoy these tips on how to get the most out of your next event! One of the most important responsibilities when at an event is to be actively engaged. We strongly recommend... practicing your USP prior to arriving at your event. Know your specific calls to action... But above all - be personable and create relationships. Events provide a face to face opportunity to collaborate with people, getting to know their needs and wants. Work your event goers through a sales funnel using the tools below....  
Text Message Marketing

Create Conversations

Not everyone feels comfortable being on display, but you CANNOT get cold feet now... after all you have spent some money getting to this point of the event, not to mention numerous hours of preparation work... do yourself the favor and get communicating with your event goers! If you're a little timid, a simple "Hello! Have you heard of the cool things our company has been up to lately? Remember, no need to be intimidated... these are just people... nothing more than regular everyday people who deal with the same day to day joys and hurdles as the rest of us! Here is where your USP comes into play! If you have practiced your unique selling position, all you need to do is get good at casually communicating with your event goers! Easy peasy...!  
Social Media Management

Get Social!

Let the world know whats happening at your event using your social media accounts! Actively promote your business on MyCommunitySavings.org, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more... Get people to "Like" and "Follow" and "Join your social networks. You can do this in many ways, we find the most effective ways is to simply ask them to grab their phone, open their app, and add your business!  
Email Marketing Management

Build Your Database

Collect data from the event goers interested in your business. We recommend using a tablet of laptop when possible, which will save you time from data entry later. Collect basic contact information such as names, emails, phone, zip codes.... Keep the process short and stupid simple. When an electronic device is not an option, good old fashioned pen and paper will do the trick! Nearly all websites we build at NMG have an integrated email/newsletter sign up form right on the homepage. This is another simple and effective option.  

Promote Your Website

Whether you sell products, provide services or both, your website should be getting a workout! Your marketing materials being handed out should be centered around your call to action(s) which should also be clearly visible and accessible on your website. Remember, event goers have so much to take in at events, therefore providing a simple illustration directing them to your website is a great method for generating leads. The landing page should mirror your printed marketing materials which will provide confidence the event goer is in the right place. The web page, or landing page, how they can benefit from your company after they leave, assuming they don't purchase or sign up with you on the spot. The process for your event goers to find what they are looking for, and complete a basic form, should be quick and painless. Your website should be viewed as an additional employee, an extension of your sales and marketing team. Your website works 24/7, communicates with text, pictures, videos, and info-graphics.... Maximize your tools!
Video Marketing

Grab Video and Photos

Capture relevant content throughout the day that you can use to post after the event! Many people who attended your event will want a recap of the event highlights. If your company can help be one of the first to post quality content about the event, you will likely attract a larger audience.  
Professional Photography

Create Relationships

Highlight the people, products and services that makes your business unique. Our talented team of professional photographers include Joey Lax-Salinas whose photos have been featured on Good Morning America, World News, Tonight with Diane Sawyer, The Weather Channel, CNN, Forbes.com, USAToday.com, nwi.com and many other media outlets.

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