NMG Acquires Chicago Cubs as Newest Client!

As a successful 1st quarter comes to a close and we begin our warmer spring quarter, National Marketing Group is excited to announce that we’ve signed the Chicago Cubs on as our newest client!

“Digital marketing has always been something we struggled with,” said Theo Epstein, President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs. “We’ve been watching the work that National Marketing Group’s done for businesses in Chicagoland and throughout Northwest Indiana, and have been blown away. Truly, this partnership will benefit everyone!”

“You just can’t beat the services they offer,” Cubs GM Joe Maddon said at a press conference today with a hint of awe in his voice. “Social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing with personalized, nurturing journeys, brand management, graphic design, print marketing, lead generation sales funnels. I could go on and on.” Joe wiped a tear from his eye. “I’m just so grateful for NMG.”

Truly, the amount of services we offer, and the quality in which we deliver, is enough to make even Joe Maddon shed a tear. But it’s also enough to get the boys on the field talking.

“That’s all behind me,” said Yu Darvish about his rough start on Saturday. “Now that we have National Marketing Group and their flexible hourly retainers complete with ad and pay-per-click management services, I promise you’ll see more of what you saw during spring training.”

We’ll see about that, Yu! And we promise, as the Cubs new marketing firm, if Darvish doesn’t turn it on, our very own Jim Slavo will step on the mound for him. Because there’s no limit to the lengths we’ll go to inspire everyone.

Oh. And April Fool’s!

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