Positive +/- Negatives Series Teaches “Buyer Signs”

Positive +/- Negatives Series Teaches “Buyer Signs”

Positive +/- Negatives

Let’s Talk Buyer Signs

What is It?

Simply put, buyer signs are anything a customer does, says, or signals to make you think that they are interested in buying what you are offering. Most of the time, the customer will ask a question about the given product, this often leads to believing they want it!

  1. Why is it Important?

Buyer signs are extremely important for a number of reasons, but mainly because they flat out help the salesperson to identify that the customer is interested, and it helps inform the salesperson on which information to focus on to close the sale. For instance, if you are down to the last part of your speech and the customer asks, “So how much will the total cost of this purchase cost me?”….. That is a very clear buyer sign, and the salesperson should immediately head into the close!!!

  1. How Do We Use It?

To explain buyer signs in a practical way, buyer signs are simply reading the emotions of the customer, and being a good listener. From the second that they say “hello”, the customer has a variety of emotions flooding their body that will often create either a very positive or a very negative response. Our job is to ensure that their experience with us is always EXTREMELY positive!! Everything that comes out of our mouth should be positive; the more positive their attitude is, the closer to a sale you will be! So as you see their emotions shifting during your speech, it is your job as the salesperson to take control of the situation and literally change the way they feel about: You, Your Product, the Price, the Use of the product, Convenience of your Product, and the Savings/Benefits!!

This is not rocket science… the best salespeople learn to simply put themselves in the shoes of each customer. If the product makes sense to you, explain your product so that it helps the customer or solves a need!

  1. What Happens if You Don’t?

Well, if you ignore these buyer signs you will very quickly lose control of the conversation, and the customer will end the conversation, therefore you lose the sale. Most all you will waste valuable time! Using buyer signs is a way to control the situation, which will allow you to get your entire speech out. That is your goal remember?… The more times you get out your entire speech, the more sales you will close!