Brand Identity – Graphic Design

From Fortune 500 companies to small independent firms, we provide your company with results. We specialize in consulting, fundraising, as well as sales and marketing

Branding is the beginning of any business. It can make or break a company. Product branding not only effects adult purchase decisions, but neural scanning coupled with product testing shows strong influence of branding on children as young as 3 years old ( Robinson et al., 2007, Bruce et al., 2012). In a growing service market like the United States, customer experience is becoming the most important characteristic in any successful industry. “Brands thus reflect the complete experience that customers have with products. Brands also play an important role in determining the effectiveness of marketing efforts such as advertising and channel placement.”

National Marketing Group has a team of experience graphic designers to create, update or recreate logos and branding graphics as well as printing services for brochures, posters, signs, leaflets, menus, tags, and much more. We also promote brand awareness through our social media services, video marketing (including video creation and distribution), and traditional marketing strategies such as event marketing and door-to-door canvasing. The importance of branding and brand awareness cannot be overlooked. “For customers, brands can simplify choice, promise a particular quality level, reduce risk, and/or engender trust. Brands are built on the product itself, the accompanying marketing activity, and the use (or nonuse) by customers as well as others. “Brands may be used to signify not only individual selves; they may also be used to represent a group, a society, or culture. As cultural symbols, they can stand for nations, generations, and cultural values.”

Branding is so essential because it creates the personality of the company and shapes how customers will experience the business and the services. “A brand is more than a name (or “mark”). Other brand elements such as logos and symbols (Nike’s swoosh and McDonalds’ golden arches), packaging (Coke’s contour bottle and Kodak’s yellow and black film box), and slogans (BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” and VISA’s “It’s Everywhere You Want to Be”) play an important branding role as well.”

Brand creation can is very complex. It must cover many aspects of the business and it must be maintained. It can cannot be created and then left. Just like any relationship in an individual’s life, a company must nourish its reputations. It must be freshened up. An effective branding must cover all of these characteristics :

  • Memorability
  • Meaningfulness
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Transferability (both within and across product categories and across geographical and cultural boundaries and market segments)
  • Adaptability and flexibility over time
  • Legal and competitive protect ability and defensibility