Email Marketing

In 1998, “Kinsley estimate17 that at Microsoft, probably 99% of communication within the company takes place via email.” In almost 50 years, email has moved from U.S. government and international universities to the fingertips of almost every consumer. Seventeen years ago, Kinsley predicted that “email might even supplant the telephone as the primary means of one-to-one dialogue at a distance.” He had no way of predicting the rise of the mobile phone, but even those devices are still embedded with the role email plays in many consumers’ day-to-day lives. Push email notifications are default to all mobile devices and both Google and Apple, the two largest providers for phone operating systems (OS) require an email for registration, downloads and general device use.

Effective email marketing is used to strengthen brand identity and consumer loyalty and has been shown to “increase purchase intent and positive word-of-mouth recommendations” It is a reliable and cost-effective way of maintain and acquire customers. Scientific studies have shown that email marketing produces twice as much return on costs that most other forms of online marketing.

The overall effectiveness of email in digital marketing is why we off as a standalone option or we can include email campaigns in, our expertly curated service bundles, the Rocket Scientist and Genius marketing packages for social media services. Our services include message creation, list management, social media integration, and in-depth reporting such as opened emails versus clicked emails.