Event Marketing

Event marketing can be used to fulfill multiple marketing goals at once. It “focuses on consumer experiences” . During events such as fairs, shows, festivals, and conventions, consumers involvement is high, making events a good place to “provide an opportunity to engage the consumer with a company, its brands, and the community” .The most common goals for companies and firms for event marketing are “brand awareness, sales, and image enhancement” . The most appealing aspect to consumers for businesses participating in events is the level of community involvement associated with local fairs, festivals and similar events. “According to a survey conducted by Hancock51, two-thirds of consumers feel more favorably towards corporations that participate in community or grass-root events and only 40% feel more favorably towards sponsors of national events”.

With National Marketing Group, companies are able to benefit from events like trade shows and fairs without sacrificing hours dedicated directly to the business. We provide staffing and preparation for event marketing. We man tables, promote products and branding, as well act as our clients’ public relations department. Because our team is experienced and work with multiple companies, we are able to use event marketing strategies more efficiently and effectively than companies that cannot spare the time and energy without losing precious time at business hours. Coupled with our branding and graphics services, NMG can even further maximize the benefits of event marketing.