Social Media can no longer be ignored by a modern business. As of 2010, “Facebook boasts more than 400 million active users and is therefore the most popular social networking site. Not only does Facebook offer various advertising programs, but it also enables companies to create their own customized profile and share important information in the creation of their own brand community. ” This is also a practice to perform on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, depending on the type of business and customer. “Maintaining a YouTube channel for one’s company allows for videos to also be embedded within a company’s blog, thereby cross-pollinating the sites, which in turn helps to increase website traffic ”. Increased web flow also increased the company’s SEO results, or Search Engine Optimization, making a company more visible when customers search for the company or related interests.

National Marketing Group provides a variety of social media services and service packages. We create, curate and report on business content for multiple platforms. We create and maintain websites, social media profiles, e-commerce, and even film and edit videos such as commercials and mini-documentaries to be distributed online. Everything is personalized to the company and its own unique goals and resources.

Maintaining social media can often be too time consuming for busy companies. “Social media is about fostering communication with consumers rather than a one-sided push of a brand message ” and like face-to-face conversations, they take a lot of time and energy. Social media is now the primary way to maintain business branding and customer reputation outside the business floor. “Social media platforms have allowed customers to become more active parties in marketing exchanges ” and without the time contributed by the business, or marketing firms such as National Marketing Group, it is easy for a company’s public image to be controlled by customers. NMG works to put the company in the position of power over its brand.