Video Marketing

Video marketing encompasses any use of video as a medium to market and product or business. At National Marketing Group, we create, maintain and report on a variety of video types including short to full length commercials, “snippets”, short documentaries, and our company’s talk-show style program “We Say Things” to be published on the [three] top video platforms Facebook, YouTube and Vine.

A new study that polled marketers shows that 71% view video content marketing as a better way to communicate messages to consumers than any other form of digital content. Vidyard and Ascend2 reported 86% of their respondents holding this view and the lowest of any study reported 69% . During Shark Week, Mashable’s Vine brought into 7.2 million views compared to the same videos 7.1 million views on Facebook. This shows how important knowing how to create video for the platform since Mashable has only 195K followers on Vine compared to their 3.1 million on Facebook. Knowing content creation is not only important to getting consumers to know about your brand, but also knowing about what other media platforms are popping up and evolving online. Vine is relatively new to the Internet compared to the other video platforms yet is still in 3rd place, passing up more mature sites such as Vimeo and Kaltura.

According to a 2014 Gallup Poll, customers spend more at businesses that they feel emotionally connected too, and especially companies that “make them feel good”. Video is the best media for promoting engagement and especially emotional response . They will also ignore and avoid companies that are unlikable or they feel provide them with not value. According to the same study, fully engaged customers of restaurants make 56% more visits per month than actively disengaged customers. Within the hospitality industry, engaged customers are 46% more likely to visit yearly than disengaged customers. Video is the best media for promoting engagement and especially emotional response.

Having company videos online improves Google search engine results by providing more traffic , therefore making the business more visible. Customers will click on a video before a text based website. Through both customer engagement and higher SEO results, video improved brand awareness, creating a positive feedback loop.

Customers are 144% more likely to purchase a product online after watching a product video according to a Stacks and Stacks, an e-retailer . Watching a product video is the online equivalent to picking up and trying out a product in a store. It gives the customer more time to become attached to, and them purchase, the product. This is even more important and online review videos, especially for electronic devices, rise in popularity on platforms like YouTube. National Marketing Groups’ team use years of shared social media and film production years to match video styles and distribution strategies to match our clients’ goals.