Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO is an aggressive technique that focuses on search engines rather than the humans doing the searching. Black hat SEO tactics do not follow most rules set by search engines. The result? Disreputable companies use black hat SEO for quick financial gain, rather than catering to users themselves for long-term investment in their content. The tactics delineated below are highly frowned upon by search engines and may even result in a penalty or ban of your webpage.

  • Cloaking. This is code created so the content seen by the search engine will be different than the content seen by the user.
  • Hidden text. Hidden text is exactly that: text that the reader cannot see on the page, but that search engines will definitely pick up. Within the site’s code, the hidden content will be full of keywords. This can also be done with white text on a white background.
  • Keyword stuffing. This means a long list of keywords and key phrases is packed together without any formatting, simply to grab the attention of search engines.
  • Doorway pages. A doorway page is a fake webpage that users will not see as they click on content. These pages exist solely to spam search engines with keyword phrases, and then will redirect visitors without their knowledge through the use of cloaking.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Unlike black hat SEO, search engines do not frown upon the more ethical white hat SEO tactics. As a matter of fact, search engines support these techniques – and so do we! We always use ethical white hat techniques for longer lasting results.

  • High quality content. This is one of the best SEO techniques out there. The better your content, the more valuable it will be to search engines. Individual users may return to your site again and again for more information. Additionally, sites that regularly post newquality content are more likely to gain regular readers, because they tend to become known resources on their subject of expertise.
  • Site optimization. Of course, you can’t just post disorganized content. Optimization involves strategizing the structure and wording of your content for better positioning in search engines. This includes using meta tags and attention catching titles.

All in all, white hat SEO tactics lead to the best user experience of your site, without the risks attached to black hat techniques. At Integrity, we will always use white hat techniques for the right results.