The Delivery (Advancing Your Sales Game)

The Delivery (Advancing Your Sales Game)

The Delivery

The best closer’s know how to deliver their lines! It is not just the words we use, it is how people are impacted by our words! Closer’s have acquired the ability to make their audience FEEL their words! Does your audience feel your words? Really…? You’re sure? Well, if yure not 100% certain here are a list of sales tools to help you deliver your messages with confidence and acknowledge if you are making the right impressions with audience.


Tip #1 Include the customer by asking questions

When I first started selling I used to think … wouldn’t it be great if I knew exactly what my customers were going to say, ask, or even complain about before they actually said a word? Since then, I was taught about Jedi mind tricks! You want to know what they are, right?


Tip # 2 Talk with the customer, not at them

Get people involved in the conversation! When people engage with you, they have an extremely higher closing rate. You notice the customers who typically buy are the ones you have had an actual conversation with, right?

Tip # 3 What’s in it for them?

Your customers are buying because you show them value! How can their life and the lives of their family, be improved by your product(s)? Put yourself in their shoes and communicate in language they can relate with.

Tip # 4 Buyer Signs

Be on the look out for certain questions or  gestures your customers are making. If someone asks “How much is it again?” you need to deliver your closing statements.  If people begin nodding their head in a yes motion, move to your closing statements. Being observant will give you the specific time of when to attack!

Tip # 5 Confidence

Full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing. It comes down to trust or belief. How much do you really trust you can get the sale?