What PPC Marketing

What is PPC advertising and how can it help your startup business?

PPC advertising has been around for many years. While Google was the first to capitalize on Pay-Per-Click advertising, other companies have started creating effective PPC advertising networks as well.

Today, we’re going to provide a few examples of how PPC advertising can significantly improve your startup business.

Gather investor attention pre-launch
If you’re looking to build some momentum for your startup pre-launch, then PPC advertising can help. Using specific geo-targetting (available on Google’s ad network), you can focus your campaign on specific parts of your country, state, or even city. This can give local investors an idea of what your startup company is about, giving you the momentum you need for a successful pre-launch investment round.

Create a pre-launch email list
If your startup company gets a good email list of potential customers before it launches, then you’ve given yourself a significant advantage over the competition. Use a PPC campaign to direct potential customers to your website. Tell them about your product and then ask them to sign up for an email list for when the product eventually does launch. Once you’ve launched, you can contact your email list and, hopefully, generate a few conversions.

Test new features
If you’re considering whether or not to add a new feature to your product, then a PPC campaign can help. How? Through split-testing! Send some PPC visitors to a webpage that advertises your product’s new feature, and send others to a webpage that doesn’t advertise it. Did the new feature generate a larger number of calls to action? Or was there no noticeable difference between the two pages? By split testing your campaigns, you can easily find out which features your customers want and then adjust your company based on that information.
In that sense, PPC can help you avoid wasting thousands of dollars of research and development money on a new product. By realizing that your customers don’t want a particular new feature from day one, you can help your startup business quickly get off the ground.

Optimize your company name
Startup businesses can rise on a good name and fail on a bad one. To determine what kind of company names your customers are attracted to, split test various PPC ads and measure which names attracted the most signups or conversions. Ideally, there will be one name that shows a noticeable improvement in conversion rates.

Create the perfect sales pitch
Since you’ve already split testing your startup company name and features, why not split test your sales pitch as well? Test out a few different website designs and sales letters to find which one truly grabs the hearts of your customers. Once you’ve found the perfect campaign, it will be easier to attract new customers. Remember: even good products have failed because of the wrong marketing approach.

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Retarget potential customers
No advertising campaign has a 100% conversion rate. However, with PPC advertising, you can capitalize on the visitors that you didn’t convert using the Adwords retargeting feature. This feature creates a cookie on a user’s computer that follows them around the web. Then, any time they’re on a website that has Google Adsense, your ads will show up. Some may call it ‘stalking’ but this is a great way to turn potential customers into real ones and increase your brand’s presence online.

Steal customers from your competitors
This is a more under-handed approach to PPC marketing, but it’s a powerful way to increase your company’s presence in your industry. By bidding on keywords involving your competitors’ brand name, your company’s ads can show up on pages related to your competitors. Since the customers looking at your competitors’ products are already targeted for your industry, this is an effective way to draw more attention to your startup business.